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Around The Caprock: Feb. 8-12

This week's editions of Around the Caprock on the Texas Farm Bureau Radio Network were highlighted by advice for area ranchers from Texas A&M AgriLife beef cattle specialist Jason Smith as our region's weather abruptly turns much, much colder and the effects of drought conditions continue to present challenges for livestock nourishment.

During the week, we also heard from Dr. Pete Dotray, Extension weed specialist, about upcoming online training sessions for farmers who plan to use auxin herbicides in the coming season. And Dr. Brent Auvermann of AgriLife talked about issues up for discussion in the Ogallala Aquifer Virtual Summit.

Links for each this week's reports are provided here:

Monday, Feb. 8 - If you plan to use auxin herbicides in the upcoming season, there are some training sessions coming up that are pretty important. Guest: Dr. Peter Dotray, Extension weed specialist

Tuesday, Feb. 9 - As our temperatures turn frigid, Dr. Jason Smith of AgriLife has some reminders for local ranchers. Plus, we hear more insight from Dr. Dotray about auxin herbicides.

Wednesday, Feb. 10 - Here in the Texas High Plains, with grazing lands compromised by drought conditions, keeping cattle nourished is a challenge this season. Guest: Dr. Jason Smith of Texas A&M AgriLife

Thursday, Feb. 11 - As calving season is about to begin in the Texas High Plains, mama cows might need some help. Guest: Dr. Jason Smith of Texas A&M AgriLife

Friday, Feb. 12 - How to preserve the Ogallala Aquifer is the focus of a special online summit coming up soon. Guest: Dr. Brent Auvermann of Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension


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